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Upon confirming your selected excursions and transportation arrangements, we kindly request a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. This deposit can be conveniently made through a secure payment link, which will be promptly provided to you. Please note that a small processing fee is attached to the payment link.

The remaining balance of the transportation fee, along with the costs for any selected excursions, will be settled in cash upon your arrival on the first day of your itinerary. This streamlined payment process ensures efficiency and allows you to focus solely on enjoying your upcoming experience in Jamaica.

While credit cards are accepted at select establishments, it’s essential to note that the majority of places in Jamaica primarily transact in cash. Additionally, only a limited number of establishments may accept alternative digital payment methods such as Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

Given these considerations, we highly recommend carrying cash when traveling to Jamaica to ensure seamless transactions during your stay. Moreover, we advise informing your bank of your travel plans beforehand to prevent any potential blocks on your transactions, whether making purchases or withdrawing funds from ATMs. This proactive step can help minimize any inconvenience and ensure a smooth financial experience while enjoying your time in Jamaica.

When rafting along the Great River in Lethe, Hanover, the cost of the experience includes a rejuvenating foot massage. However, if you opt for rafting in Ocho Rios, the foot massage is available at an additional cost. Additionally, irrespective of the location chosen, indulging in a full-body massage will also incur an extra charge.

It’s important to note that Martha Brae Rafting and Calypso Rafting do not include foot massages or offer decorated rafts as part of their packages. For those seeking these additional amenities, we recommend considering other rafting locations.

The choice of vehicle for your transportation will depend on the number of individuals in your party. We offer a range of options to accommodate different group sizes, including an SUV seating up to 4 passengers, a bus seating up to 13 passengers, and a coaster seating up to 25 passengers. Rest assured, all our vehicles are meticulously maintained, ensuring cleanliness, comfort, and fully operational air conditioning.

While the majority of our tours are private, tailored specifically to each individual party, there may be occasions where another group is added to a tour. This typically occurs in instances where solo travelers or smaller groups wish to share similar excursions to reduce costs. However, please be assured that each group will be informed in advance, ensuring transparency and clarity for all parties involved

The type of hotel I recommend varies depending on the occasion and preferences.

For those seeking a vibrant atmosphere and catering to singles or party-goers, I suggest considering RIU, Breathless, Royalton, or Ocean Coral Spring.

For honeymooners or couples seeking a romantic getaway, esteemed options include Sandals, Excellence Oyster, Azul, and Secrets, renowned for their intimate settings and luxurious amenities.

Families searching for excellent amenities and activities suitable for all ages may find Hilton, Iberostars, Moon Palace and Hyatt to be ideal choices, offering family-friendly accommodations and entertainment options.

For travelers on a budget, Toby Resorts, Decameron, Holiday Inn, and Deja Resorts provide affordable yet comfortable accommodations without compromising on quality.

For further insight into various hotels, I invite you to explore our Jamaica hotel review playlists on my youtube channel. These curated collections offer in-depth evaluations and firsthand experiences to assist you in selecting the perfect accommodation for your needs and preferences. Whether you seek a lively party atmosphere, a romantic escape, family-friendly amenities, or budget-friendly options, our comprehensive reviews provide valuable insights to enhance your decision-making process. Discover the best of Jamaica’s hospitality offerings by delving into our informative playlists today.



KFC in Jamaica stands out as a unique experience, distinct from its counterparts around the globe. Notably, it ranks among the top-selling franchises worldwide, thanks to its exceptional offerings. Our Jamaican KFC boasts a wider menu selection, featuring iconic favorites alongside exclusive delights.

Among our standout offerings are the renowned Zinger sandwich, renowned for its spicy flair, and our mouthwatering BBQ chicken. Not to be mistaken with traditional BBQ sauce, our BBQ chicken features a distinct flavor profile that captivates the taste buds, setting it apart as a must-try culinary delight

Please note that all deposits paid are non-refundable. As a small private company, each booking entails blocking out the entire day for the particular group, precluding any other reservations for that day. Therefore, funds provided are non-refundable, except in cases of exceptional circumstances beyond our control, such as inclement weather hindering scheduled excursions during your stay in Jamaica.

In the event that weather conditions prevent the completion of a particular excursion, we typically offer an alternative day for rescheduling before considering a refund. We prioritize ensuring that our guests have a seamless and enjoyable experience, and we appreciate your understanding of our policies in this regard.

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