A Vibrant Jamaican Getaway: My Royalton Adventure

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share my recent adventure at the Royalton Resort in Jamaica. It was an experience filled with fun, relaxation, and a bit of exploration. Let me take you through my journey!

Arrival and First Impressions

As soon as I arrived at the Royalton, I was struck by the beauty of the place. The lush greenery and the stunning architecture set the tone for what was to be an amazing stay. However, the check-in process was a bit of a hassle. It took quite some time, but the staff was friendly and did their best to accommodate us.

Exploring the Resort

The Royalton is massive, and I was eager to explore every nook and cranny. The resort is divided into different sections, including the Diamond Club and the Hideaway, each offering unique experiences. I was particularly impressed by the cleanliness and the modern amenities. The gym, located upstairs, was well-equipped, and it was the first time I saw a squat rack in a hotel gym!

Beach Time and Water Activities

The beach at the Royalton is a slice of paradise. The soft sand and the crystal-clear water were inviting. I spent a lot of time lounging and soaking up the sun. We also tried kayaking, which was a blast, especially for my brother who had never done it before. I even attempted to free dive to see a starfish up close, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Delicious Dining Experiences

Food is a big part of any vacation, and the Royalton didn’t disappoint. From the jerk pork at the Jerk Hut to the sumptuous dinner at the steakhouse, every meal was a delight. The corn chowder and shrimp Alfredo were particularly memorable. The only downside was the long wait for food at the steakhouse, but the delicious meals made up for it.

Vibrant Pool Parties and Nightlife

The pool parties at the Royalton are something else! The energy was infectious, with everyone from kids to adults having a great time. The vibe team, always in green, kept the party going. I enjoyed the dance-offs and the overall lively atmosphere. Retro night at the nightclub was another highlight, with classic tunes that got everyone on the dance floor.

Relaxing and Winding Down

After all the excitement, it was nice to unwind. I took a relaxing bath and spent some quiet time in my room, watching TV and reflecting on the fun times. The view from my room was breathtaking, a perfect backdrop for some introspection.

Checking Out and Final Thoughts

On the day of checkout, despite the elevator issues in our building, the process was smooth. We even had time to enjoy some ice cream at the cafe and do a bit of window shopping at the jewelry store. The Royalton left a lasting impression on me. Despite some minor hiccups, the experience was fantastic, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and relaxing getaway in Jamaica.


My stay at the Royalton was a mix of relaxation, fun, and adventure. From the beautiful beach and delicious food to the lively pool parties and serene moments, it was a trip to remember. I can’t wait to go back and experience it all over again!

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